Glahir Nightglade - A Voyage to The Dark Horizon

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Glahir Nightglade - A Voyage to The Dark Horizon

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A Voyage to The Dark Horizon

The Island of Ever Meet, the Month of Alturiak

The mood in the hall was printed. I had just received the news that a
investigation patrol sent for the Great Glaciers had never returned.
The Council was called together to discuss the matter. Who would go
and who were ready for such a task? With the pending decision of the
Countil I went down to the river to visit my brother Lohrandrel which I
had not seen in a long time.

At midnight, a decision had finally been made and I was summoned.
I had been waiting for two hours outside, and the discussion had been
lively and intense. When the doors finally opened and I stepped in, all
eyes were directed on me - and the room became silent.

'We have reached a decision, you must voyage to the dark horizon,
which lies beyond the glaciers in the north. As commander of 20 men,
we want you to go there and find out what happened to the last patrol,
and if you find them - escort them back to Evermeet'

'The time has come for brave men to step forward, will you take this important task?'


Month of Alturiak, The 23rd on the Day of Thunder

"We have traveled for a week now. We are approaching the glaciers.
The grim weather led us to take cover in the last of outposts called
Snowfell. The men are in good condition and we have received both
shelter and a meal. Tomorrow we will travel further through
the ice valley, and work our way towards the northern peaks."

Month of Alturiak, The 29th on the Day of Freedom

"Yet no sign of the missing patrol. According to rumors, the area were
apparently invaded by Orcs lately. What brings them here? I've sent a
dovewith a brief message to the Council today. We expect to reach one
of the mountain peaks tomorrow."


The snow swirled around our heads when we approached the mountain
peak. The Council said that the former squad were detached to search
for a portal that had opened up at the top of the mountain. They feared
that dark forces were involved. Yet we had not encountered anything similar.

The thunderous dark sky enshrouded everything in darkness, with only the
moonlit glittering white snow as contrast. We had finally reached one of
the peaks and I was hoping to find some traces or sign of life - or a portal.

And finally, against the northern rock wall we found black a portal. Its dark
flames were thrown violently back and forth with a whirling black hole
vibrating at it's center. I cast my spells and prepared the men for battle,
anything could exist beyond that portal.


Portal screamed and roared when we entered it. On the other side lied an
ashened landscape. Dead trees and plants covered the rocky ground, beneath
a clouded dark sky. Further ahead in a huge crater I saw a spear sticking out.
We cautiously approached the crater in a defensive formation.

And there they were. Headless, distorted and completely slaughtered - scattered
about in the center of a large crater. Not a single trace or corpse of a potential
enemy could be seen. I said a prayer for the dead and we burned the corpses in
the name of Lathander.

Now we knew at least a bit more, and at the moment, we could not do more.
So we marched back through the portal - it was time to go home, I thought.

When we got out and stood again on the glacier, all of a sudden a black lump
was flung through the portal, which landed a good distance away. When we
got closer, there rose a devilish creature. I had previously met with such creatures,
and I knew that we were about to fight a demon.

Its fiery eyes starred blankly at us, before it quickly shot up into the air and
dropped out its huge black wings. In a sweeping attack, it stormed on us and
grabbed hold of one of my men.

'Transform into the turtle!' As we guarded ourselves with behind a wall of shields.

In the next sweeping attack it did not succeed to grasp any of us, but one of
the men managed to suppress a spear into the side of it, and a roar was heard
from the beast. I threw my magic and hoped for the best. This went on for
nearly an hour as we fought the foul beast, and shielded ourselves from it's
attacks - until he finally was slain. Seven of my men had fallen, and before
I could bring them back to life they have already passed on to the Arvandor.

We began the journey home to Evermeet.


Month of Ches, 7th on The Day Of The Sun

I stood before Council and they had gotten my full report. I did not
know what they thought my efforts in the matter, but there was not
much I could have done differently. I wish I had found the first patrol
alive, but nearly a month must have passed before our arrival.

One of the older stood up and leaned forward, before he exclaimed.

'We want to thank you for your courage Glahir. "

'Unfortunately we can not reward you with something other than
glory - but from this day on you will always be known among us as
The Voyager of the Dark Horizon'

Glahir Nightglade, Voyager of the Dark Horizon


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