Riders of Faerun

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Riders of Faerun

Postby Anroawan » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:43 pm

Realizing the world was a dangerous and chaotic place young Anroawan dedicated his youth to training in the arts of war and battle, specializing in defense of others and fighting in groups. As he learned and mastered his training he met many people and worked as a team when he could. With some of these he formed a tight bond, trusting them quite often with his life. It was this bond that lead several of them to form a pact. Honor, brotherhood and respect was their credo, side by side or back to back, they would stand together in their travels. They loosely call themselves the riders of Faerun, nomads and outcasts. Their bond to each other tighter than blood or contract. Together they roam the lands seeking adventure, riches and peace for their souls.

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