The Legend of Tenesena P1

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The Legend of Tenesena P1

Postby TheGreatMetranon » Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:25 pm

Nobody knows exactly where Tenesena Baenre came from, or how old she was, just the day she appeared in the middle of a bregan d'aerthe camp demanding an audience with their leader Jarlaxle. Priestess of Lloth or not, the rouges did not recognize the strange colors of her battle worn piwafwi,and jumped into defensive positions around Tenesena. She sneers, "you have til the count of 10", she warned. fear and dread shot through the spines of these battle tested assassins, and immediately the mood of the situation changed from being the hunter to being the hunted. As she counted a dark mist began to appear out of thin air and started to surround her, "10", her voice slicing through the underdark like a hot sword over Rothe fat. "9", the drow looked into each others eyes as if to communicate what to do; for they dare not sign or move a muscle. The tension rising now nearing a breaking point, as the air itself grew thin and started to smell like burning metal. "8", her seductive lips curled into a wicked smile. "I'm going to enjoy, sending my queen some man servants to clean her daughters droppings", her dark indigo colored eyes flashed with rage as well as glee. As she was about say the word Seven, the guilds team leader signaled behind her his intent to attack in the next few seconds. "7". Tenesena licked her lips with anticipation, deep down inside she wanted this impending bloodbath and the mere 10 seconds felt like hours to her. She dug her armored heeled boot in the dirt and forced light to bend around her magically enchanted piwafwi as she shifted her weight. "6" The air itself seem to scream in tension, the wind started howling and a slight gust reviled her skin dark and dusty-like, almost a like time itself has forgotten about her on a old shelf. Underneath her smooth desert like complexion, bore scars of countless battles faded with age and healing magic. "5...".
The drow sprung into action!, up, down, sideways, they all attacked at the same time; The leader screamed as he was the first to meet his doom. A bludgeoned skull flew into one of the attacking drows' face, as Tenesena whipped her mace around, she knocked down two drow that were coming up beside her, taking their legs off clean from underneath them. A drow tried to drive his scimitar into her from behind only to have it snap into his eye. "Fool", she cackled; "My Goddess Protects Me!". Someone shouted "don't let her cast!", and they all frantically tried to stop her, but their blades cut nothing but air. *A blinding Flash*, *Anguished Screams*, *The Sound of Mass Bone breaking*, *laughter*, *A Thunderous Clap* *BOOM* , *hot air blasted away from where Tenesena was standing*, *high pitched sound concussions*. By the time the clouds of rubble, and dust cleared, all that remained were bones and gore all round everything that was the camp of dark-elves. The place where she was found levitating was nothing but a ginormous crater marked by smoldering ash and maw. She looked at the survivor she intended as a messenger, and hovered close. The Drow mercenary, white as marble sitting in his own defecation and urine, stared at the floor where he knew she was levitating above, too afraid to move. "better hurry up and get your boss.... ", ".....4".

Not to long after Tenesena was accepted into House Baenre due to her prowess, she found her rising up the ranks and standing in the shadows behind Matron Yvonnel Baenre back during war counsel meetings.

Tenesena Baenre.
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Re: The Legend of Tenesena P1

Postby nilanstabby » Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:37 pm

Damn nice story !!
I look forward to an encounter with you Tenesena, Lolth Priestess, of House Baenre…..First House of Menzoberranzan

Just as your foul Spider Queen protects you, the Shadows are my domain and Vhaeraun guards my soul.

Be wary, priestess....I am not so easily controlled as the male slaves in the City of Spiders...

Until we meet.....

For Vhaeraun's Glory, so long as He is first served ...

*bows low, but looks at you defiantly, meeting your cold sneer*

Until we meet.....

-Nilan Al'Shadraazar, drow assassin
-Hand of Vhaeraun

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