Drawing of Dagger & Axe

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Drawing of Dagger & Axe

Postby Wulv » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:51 am

Uggrax sat on top of a hill near one of the many entrances to the Underdark, such places had become more common since the Time of Troubles, as it was called, which occurred several years before he left Ghore. During that time, many of his fellow trolls left to raid the various settlements in the region because the magic of the realm didn't work right, but steel, stone, and brute force were as strong as ever. However, very few raiders returned and some that did had stories of bands of creatures that look like the weak moon elves or the stubby, fat dwarves but they were not. They wielded horrible magics and were more savage than either of those races were ever known to be. There were tales of magic that went wild, of shamans who exploded and took out half of their raiding party while preparing for attacks. Crazy things that Uggrax's mind couldn't comprehend, all he understood or cared about was the strength of his arm and sharpness of his axe.

The crazy magic subsided almost as quickly as it began, but the elves known as drow and dwarves known as duergar still remained and became ever more common and were causing problems for Uggrax's people in this area. These "darkies" as he had heard them referred to by others started to raid smaller troll villages as well as those of other races for slaves as those that were not killed told stories of many being led away in chains. This was why Uggrax was here today, they had taken those of the village where Gukko lived, sweet Gukko and her blue hairy wart on her forehead. So Uggrax was waiting for one of these raiding parties to return, for he planned to attack them and inspire the enslaved to fight with him to make these "darkies" tell him where they had taken Gukko.

Movement at the entrance caught Uggrax's eye, but it was from the wrong direction, it was coming from the cave not going to the cave. CURSES! he thought to himself, he couldn't handle two raiding parties at the same time, this was bad. Soon however Uggrax noticed that it wasn't a raiding party, but a single drow.

The drow was much shorter and smaller than he was, and a toothy grin found its way onto Uggrax’s face as he continued to watch the drow lightly pace around the cave entrance. Uggrax crouched lower and remained as still as his excitement continued to build as he waited for the drow to move away from the cave entrance. The dark elf seemed to be very careful with each step that he took. Padding silently over the stone cavern floor the drow seemed unaware the huge troll that watched his every move. Uggrax continued to observe the drow until he was confident that this elf was truly alone.

This was better than he could have hoped for, a single drow would be no match for him, yet this one was odd. This drow wasn't dressed like any drow that Uggrax had ever seen or heard about. The drow raiders he had seen before seemed to all were rough black armor and typically carried swords or maces. This drow wore what looked to be fancy blackened chainmail and a dark cloak that made Uggrax's eyes hurt as it seemed to shift and blend into the shadows of the cave, and this odd elf didn't seem to have a sword but instead had a ugly looking dagger in one hand and another on his belt which is other hand didn't seem to stray too far from. This drow seemed to be keeping a keen eye on the cave entrance and he was constantly looking over his shoulder as if he was expecting to be attacked. Uggrax growled unable to fully understand how these frail looking dark elf things could cut-down or capture the village protectors and villagers themselves. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

In his anger, Uggrax devised a new plan to rescue those taken from Gukko's village. Convinced that this weak frail creature would be no match for him, Uggrax decided that he would force this creature to lead him to where they took his precious Gukko and the other villagers. Uggrax grinned inwardly realizing that he would be Gukko's hero. Yes, Uggrax liked this idea very much. So Uggrax prepared himself to capture this lone drow and make it tell him what he wanted to know. He only hoped that he wouldn't kill the weak creature in his attempt to seize it but he would do whatever it took to force the elf to tell him where Gukko had been taken. So convinced that he had the advantage over the puny drow, Uggrax was simply not prepared for what happened next.

With all the speed that he could muster, Uggrax launched himself down the hill at the lone drow. Much to his dismay, the drow did not appear surprised or even scared. Uggrax was so sure that it would have been both and he fully expected the drow to scramble and attempt to flee for its wretched life. Instead, when faced with the enraged and charging troll, the drow appeared to calmly bring both daggers before him, taking up a defensive stance. Patiently the drow waited until the troll closed the distance upon him.

The drow deftly dodged Uggrax’s initial assault and used one of his pointy daggers bite deeply into Uggrax's thigh. As Uggrax howled in both rage and pain the dark elf tried to put some distance between himself and the huge troll. Uggrax groaned, and with a toothy grin he kicked out with his foot and happily felt it slam into the drow’s chest with a meaty thud. The sheer force of the blow sent the drow flying a number of feet backwards onto the trail to the Underdark. Gasping and trying to catch his breath as he landed roughly on the stoney cavern floor, Ugrrax saw that the pathetic creature was trying to regain his footing. Clutching his side, the drow staggered to his feet and attempted to back away as he regained his footing. Uggrax took advantage of his position and jumped after the drow swinging his huge battleaxe as hard as he could to try to cripple the elf. The drow somehow twisted his lithe form and dodged the blow but Uggrax noted that he moved a little slower than before. Uggrax knew the drow was hurting from the mighty kick that he had inflicted.

The drow staggered backwards and Uggrax could see a thin line of blood trickling from the drow’s mouth. The dark elf raised both hands apart in a gesture motioning for Uggrax to stop his attack. Uggrax grimaced seeing this as an opportunity to try and disable the drow, a smack with the side of his weapon should do nicely. Uggrax hoped the blow would disable the drow and make his capture of the foul creature all that much easier. Uggrax swung his axe, turning the handle at the last second to expose the flat of the blade. The wounded drow was a lot quicker than Uggrax thought. The strike was only partially successful and the drow took only a glancing blow to his right side shoulder. It was still enough to send the quick, little, bastard crashing into the ground about six feet away from the troll. Uggrax heard a satisfying groan of pain and saw the drow try to scramble to its hands and knees. The brute forces of the blow was enough to daze his opponent, who unfortunately stumbled only briefly before quickly regaining his footing.

A sharp burning sensation in his leg brought Uggrax's attention to the dagger sticking out of his thigh. Damn he's fast, thought Uggrax. Suddenly his leg buckled and he couldn't feel his leg at all anymore, how very strange. Uggrax pulled the dagger out and noticed it was covered with a purple colored film. Poison, Uggrax chuckled because some weak little poison was no match for his superior troll healing. The drow moved in on him as Uggrax felt the poison taking hold on him. Confused and angered, Uggrax staggered and swung his axe in a wicked arc at the advancing figure. The drow managed to avoid the brutal slash but found himself in the grasp of a big green meaty hand that suddenly closed around his throat. Uggrax’s vision began to fade as the poison took effect and the troll felt soft flesh and he slowly squeezed his hand tightly as thoughts of Guuko’s blue hairy wart flooded his clouded mind.

Rage began to boil up in Uggrax over the thought that this single, weak, little drow was going to beat him and that he was taken out by a dagger wound. "Where did you bastards take my Gukko!?!!?" Uggrax screamed as he started to black out as whatever had been on that dagger began to make its way to his brain. Uggrax could barely make out the drow, he was just a fuzzy shape now. He felt the drow struggle in his grasp as it attempted to break free of his grasp. Suddenly, a sharp burning sensation ran up his arm and Uggrax grimaced in pain as the dark elf slashed out with his dagger opening the green warty flesh on his arm. Uggrax groaned, the wound causing him to release his hold upon the drow.

Though Uggrax could barely focus on the drow, but he wasn’t going to give up. As the drow staggered backwards, Uggrax swung his axe as hard as he could and happily felt the full force of the flat of the blade connect, crushing into the drow’s left side with the satisfying sound of bones breaking. The dark elf landed heavily on his back, moaning in agony as he clutched at his ribs and gasping to regain his breath. Sensing victory at hand, Uggrax tried to get to his feet but found his leg would no longer respond at all and the numbness seemed to be spreading. He could barely see now, but he was sure that the drow was coughing up blood, as Uggrax tried to regain his footing so he could finally capture the wounded creature and make him talk the poison overtook him and darkness came crashing down upon him.

Sometime later Uggrax started to regain his senses and expected to be shackled and chained as a slave on his way to the Underdark. But as his head cleared more, he saw the stars in the night sky and couldn't feel steel shackled to his wrists or ankles. Uggrax jumped to his feet and almost collapsed right back to the ground.

"Woah there ugly!" came a cold voice behind him. As Uggrax turned around quickly, almost collapsing again. He saw the drow from before, standing just out of reach of course. In one hand was a dagger like the one he pulled from his thigh and even in the dim light he could see that it was coated with something. The other hand was clutched tightly around his side, strongly hinting at a broken rib or two. Behind the drow, in a pile, was all of Uggrax's weapons and his packs. "Where you drow people take Gukko and other trolls." Uggrax stated in broken Common.

The drow winced painfully as he began to speak. "I can't help you with that, but I can tell you that those who took your people are not allies of mine. If they were don't you think you would be in chains or dead by now?"

Whispering softly the drow continued, ”But I can give you some information and maybe you and a couple of your ugly troll buddies can go cause some hell for the ones who do know, and of course find your precious....Gukko was it?"

The drow rubbed his neck slightly and Uggrax noticed a couple "finger" marks on the drow’s throat. Uggrax also noticed that the drow seemed to not move as smoothly as before. Clearly, he was in pain and Uggrax noticed he seemed to wince with every word spoken. Uggrax was snapped out of his thoughts of self-satisfaction by the drow's next words.

The dark elf glared coldly at him "If you're thinking of attacking me again, let me clear a point up for you. You were going to die from the poison I got you with before. And this one," he paused grinning coldly as he twirls a poison coated blade deftly with his ebon fingers, “This one would get you even quicker.”

“What you want, darkie?” Uggrax demanded.

The drow smiled suddenly and replied, “I’m Nilan, and what I want is exactly what you want, troll.” He paused clutching at his broken ribs momentarily and stoically gazed up at Uggrax. “I want you to hurt and kill as many of the Underdark raiders from Menzoberranzan as you can sink your claws into!!”

“So……Do we have a deal, troll?”

THE END...???
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Re: Drawing of Dagger & Axe

Postby nilanstabby » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:14 am

Nice story Uggrax. Glad to help.

Hope we continue the adventure soon....you might need a guide that knows the Underdark and those filthy Lolthites in Menziberranzan.

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