Taming of the Renegade

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Taming of the Renegade

Postby Jasix Prowlingwolf » Sun Nov 11, 2001 3:16 am

<u>Jasix Prowlingwolf ->Renegade Protector<- Clan Prowlingwolf</u>
Born in the far north, in the land of snow and ice. His farther was an honest man, who worked the forge for the clan. His ever loving mother worked hard teaching and caring for her family. The middle son of three, Jasix shunned the family trade for a carefree life of wandering the land seeking adventure and mischief. Around the age of 17 young Jasix had tired of drifting around, only coming home every now and then to let his mother know he was all right. He travelled south from his cold homeland to the City of splendour, Waterdeep. The thriving city was quite overwhelming to the young barbarian. His tribe of a few hundred was nothing compared to the bustling streets and waves of people of all races streaming by. Only having little money saved from selling the odd fur to dwarven trades, the young drifter need to find a trade.

Working as an unskilled mercenary for a short time kept his stomach full but his life empty. He grew bored easily of chasing street scum for bounty, He quickly made friends but lack of skills saw him left behind as they travelled to exciting far off lands for the adventure and great rewards he longed for. After enlisting the help of a female barbarian conjurer to escape a displacer beast, he became fascinated by her skill and mastery of these beings from the elemental planes. After pestering her for quite some time, she agreed to teach him in the ways of the conjurer. Jasix had always had a fascination with the magic arts but couldn’t understand the ways of his sorcerer friends. Their nimble fingers worked the tiny spell components with ease, while his large barbarian hands fumbled precious and sometimes dangerous substances. Although accustomed to living in the wilderness and being close to nature and death, but he could not stand the idea of carrying live spiders, pieces of reptiles or bat droppings in his cloak pockets. But he found a craving to smoke some of their leafy spell components.

Young Jasix took to his new chosen trade with vigour, fighting during the day with a mighty axe beside his mentor & oldest friend, Ssarathan. Studying and practicing his spells at night. Ssarathan with his druid skills and a great knowledge of forests would often gather spell components for the mages, always keeping a health supply of Jasix’s leaves for them to puff on around the camp fire while the humans passed out and the dwarves rattled each others brains drunk on dwarven spirits. Jasix casting abilities grew in time adding the odd bolt of lightning or a touch with his burning hands in battle. His skill with the heavy battleaxe was not great and felt the magical power flow thought his body, filling him with a lust and yearning for more. He was conjuring up small items with easy now but longed to be like the great barbarian and call forth beasts from the elemental planes.

After satisfying the Waterdeep Guild of Conjuring of his skills and commitment, he was taught the spells and skills required to command these monsters of the elements. Generally devoid of any emotions these mighty creatures are known to turn on their master if not treated with respect. The young conjurer couldn’t wait to call forth his first follower without the aid of his teachers. He confidently strode out of the hall with his head held high. Not even leaving the guild compound before uttering the words of magic and calling forth a being from the elemental plane of air. Barely acknowledging the beings presents, the young barbarian walked about the streets of Waterdeep showing off his new skill to his adventuring friends, though to the disgust of many of the town folk who believe such creatures should not be allowed inside the city walls. Returning to his guildhall for the night the weary youngster decided to send his silent companion back to his home plane of existence. The words of the spell to send the creature home had been drummed into his head for the last few months, but he stammered over a syllable and the elemental broke form his service. Dazed and confused the young conjurer fought the beast with his limited spells but the creature was getting the better of him. Stumbling blindly down the dark path, Jasix made a dash for the guild hall help was sure to be there. Wounded badly but far to much pride then sense held him back from yelling for help. With the creature hot on his tail he bolted for the gates. The angry beast caught the running man knocking him to the ground with a savage blow. The beast ferociously beat the panic stricken barbarian, head started to cloud over and he thought death was near when the guardian of the guild stepped out of the shadows and dispelled the elemental being with a gesture of his hand. After the guardian had the guild healer see to the still shaking but grateful young man he turn to Jasix and in a deep quiet voice said “Respect and Honour is all you need to know”. He inclined his head to the cleric and drifted back into the shadows.

Jasix learned the lesson of respect for the beasts of the Elemental planes that day. Although reluctant to conjure the beast far from the safety of his guild, he worked solo for bounty cleaning the southern slums of Waterdeep of thieves and troublemakers. His skill and confidence grew as he travelled further from his new home of Waterdeep. He fought hard with his mighty frost covered axe and his trusted companion from the fire elemental plane beside him. Long months he travelled the realms in the company of elves, dwarves, humans and barbarians alike. Occasionally working alongside the tiny people of the gnome and halfling races. The young strong barbarian often kept away from these little people as they were surely to small and frail to be doing such dangerous mercenary work. Over time Jasix learnt to appreciate these small beings, watching them time after time throw caution to the wind and save him and his more hardy companions from certain death. His skill in his chosen craft grew rapidly and in no time at all he was calling forth larger and larger pets to do his bidding.

Travelling more and more without his mentor Ssarathan, the young conjurer wandered the lands honing his skills. Time seem to slow down and his life became mundane and empty. There had to be more to life then risking his life for a few platinum coins and the odd trinket of minor value. He found himself smoking more of the sorcerer’s special weed they use for spells. The weed opened his mind to thoughts and visions he never knew.

One day on a trip back to Waterdeep from the home of the nuggetty dwarven people Jasix came across a young beautiful human resting at the crossing of the roads north of Waterdeep. Jasix had learnt to trust and respect the humans. Although he still considered them weak compared to the might of the barbarians, this one held him captured within her seductive gaze. He had never felt so drawn to a female before, even the young woman of his tribe did not draw his attention. His older brother Rarka, a berserker warrior of the tribe had told him stories of women and of the pleasures they can give. Has hard as he tried he could not take his eyes from hers. She smiled at him and beaconed him to sit with her and rest. They chatted about the weather and of passed adventures for quirt sometime. She was a lady of the forest trained in the ways of the ranger. They sat for hours talking till the late afternoon. Jasix being shy and not used to such beautiful company keep his head low as he listened to her tails. Occasionally looking up only to find her looking back at him with a crooked little smile on her face. He would blush and she would giggle and shift close to him clasping his huge hands in hers. The night was fast approaching, the temperature dropped, before he knew it she was snuggling up to him under his heavy furs. Many women before had hugged him but never did it feel like this. He didn’t talk for ages, content to hold her close and feel her face nuzzling his neck. He told himself it was because she was cold, but his mind swam with endless possibilities. It was getting late and the big man’s stomach was rumbling with a storm. She had told him earlier she had been waiting for another gentleman but that didn’t matter now she had found what she was after.

They walked the short distance to Waterdeep and eat at a local tavern. They drank wine and before long the world around them ceased to exist. They drank and swapped stories till about midnight. She giggles and his booming laughter filled the tavern, only to be silenced with a kiss. His early apprehension of having a woman so close had completely disappeared, she would often end a kiss looking deep into his eyes with a gleam in her own. They left the tavern and she led him under the city walls and along the eastern road. Even in her drunken state she walked with grace, her footfalls making no sound on the dirty roadway. They approached a small farmhouse. Jasix asked her if this is where she lived. She laughed hard and long, catching her breath to say 'no' but she often stayed here. Puzzled at the remark he followed her into a small corn shed. Flashes of his brother’s tails came rushing into his head. He began to shake with anticipation, but his nerves were calmed immediately with a passionate kiss. They spent to night together making love in each other’s arms. But in the morning he was woken by a young lad doing his chores, she was gone. He dressed quickly and returned to Waterdeep his head throbbing with a hangover and his heart aching. This was something he had never felt before.

He searched the City of Splendour for this young woman but nobody seemed to know or had seen her. He had found something more to life. He took to the road again working for bounty. His nights restless with the thoughts of her running through his mind. On returning to Waterdeep he found her. She had been told he was looking for her. They worked alone each day to return to each other at night. Their love affair was wild and unpredictable. After a few weeks of seeing each other when they could, she confessed that she was loved by another man and although she cared very much for the young barbarian she was leaving the realms to travel alone. They spent their last night of passion in a quiet forest but again when Jasix woke she has gone. In his boot was a note telling him of her regret of having to leave but knowing that their time together will be cherished forever. He sat sulking for many hours, never before had he felt a pain so great. He discovered that he was not the only one left behind in the wake of the hurricane of lust that she created. But in his nieve way, he believed she had cared for him more then the others. Many weeks we wandered about the lands, working as little as possible, making just enough money to live. His life was emptier now then ever before.

He took to the road once again fighting now with an anger that tore at his heart. Late one night while smoking his favour herbs a thought occurred to him. The thought was so simple yet had escaped him. Maybe there is another that would fill him with the felling he shared with the young ranger. This one brief thought changed his whole outlook on life. Jasix had turned his life around and now fought with enthusiasm and vest, using his boyish good looks to charm the ladies of the realms, his nights were filled with passion. Many months passed and many more women fell to his seductive power but something was still missing. He would often think of the ranger but knew in his heart that it was only lust he felt for her. Although he cared for and had feelings for all the woman he spent time with, he had no one he could say he loved.

Time went by and he travelled the lands with many friends, mostly doing mercenary work. He travelled to the north with two crazy dwarves, their consent chatter silly antics kept him amused. They shared the booty and the dwarven spirits but they declined his many offers of his cherished herbs. After yet another sojourn into the diamonds mines of Mithril Hall, the three parted company. Jasix travelled to his tribal homeland of Griffons Nest to visit his family. His mother was so very happy to see him. He had grown very tall and strong, he left a shy quiet boy and returned a fully-grown man of the world. His father was happy to see his wayward son but was not entirely happy with his chosen career. He had always dreamed of one of his sons taking over the forge from him. Rarka’s body was badly broken from his numerous battles and could barely stand these days. He sort refuge from his pain in a bottle. Jasix’s younger brother Jrek was still very young and showed great promise with a sword. His father knew he would also loose him to the long road of adventure and battles.

Jasix spent a week with his family and tribe. Helping at the forge during the days made is father happy and his mother proud, but both knew he didn’t have the talent or the patients to work with the flame and steel. Each afternoon he would help young Jrek with his swordplay, but the young warrior-to-be even in his early teens was far superior with the blade then his battle hardened brother. Jrek would tire of beating Jasix and would usually run off to, as he would tell Jasix to “practice” with his childhood sweetheart Hania. Hania was a year or two older then Jrek but surely his equal with a weapon and shield. Hania was a very quiet spoken girl but as Jasix could see had mastered the art of talking Jrek out of anything her heart desired. His mother cooked up a huge feast each night and her and his father would retire early, tired from there long days work. Jasix and Rarka would sit up late each night swilling down mead and swapping battle stories. Young Jrek would sit on the edge of his seat with Hania by his side listening enthralled of battles with bugbears, trolls and demons from other plans of existence. The two older brothers getting a little carried away with themselves told stories of ladies and lust. Jrek eyes couldn’t get any wider and Hania would blush and pretend not to hear. After the young ones had gone off to their beds Jasix and Rarka shared a pipe of Jasix’s favourite herbs and chatted of life and the future. Jasix told his brother of his of the lust that consumes him but his longing for real love. Rarka was a berserker warrior of the tribe and had his share of woman but his body was beyond repair. He himself had never known what it was to love and could offer the troubled conjurer little help. While working the forge with his father during the day his mother would bring little snacks and tell him of this young lady and that one. She hoped he had come home to stay but was obvious he was growing restless. It was time for Jasix to say farewell to his homeland once again and seek his fortune the only way he knew how.

Jasix said his good byes to his family and friends. He promised his young brother and Hanja to return one day when they are older and take them on an adventure. He gave the battered Rarka a flask of gnome spirits that he had been hiding from him. His father nodded solemnly and he hugged his mother tightly. Calling forth an elemental to protect him on his journey, he waved good bye and with the sobs of his mother still ringing in his ears walk the lone path through the Spine of the world. He walked to Mithril Hall the ancient home of the dwarves to find his friends. As usual he found Alebelly and his mad bard buddy drunk as skunks crawling around a tavern butting heads like two rams fighting over a ewe. They had just scored a large diamond from a bugbear and were doing there best to drink the profits in one session. They decline his offer to travel south so Jasix set out alone again on the frigid road to Waterdeep.

For many weeks Jasix walked alone down from the lands of ice and snow. Travellers where rare this time of year. He had no love for the folk of Luskin but was happy to talk with the ferry guards no matter what they had to say after only having his own thoughts to keep him company for many days. The trip south from Luskin held very little change to the monotony of solitary travel. He rounded a bend and could see the hostel north of Waterdeep, a sight that please him. A small figure sat huddled in a large cloak. Seeing the huge barbarian flop down on the sit of the road near them, they cringed back and watched the conjurer intently. He layed back and stretched out, groaning as his muscles ached from his long journey. The little figure confidant that this large being was not going to eat her, peered out from under her hood. Jasix glanced over at this time and was taken back by a pair of sparkling eyes staring out at him. He smiled and the small being lifted the hood back over her head. She appeared to be a half-elf. Cryptic markings lined her small tear stained face. Jasix sat up quickly, startling the tiny person, she scampered back a few feet and her hand going to a small sword at her belt. He look of confusion turned to a wide smile and he left out a booming laugh. The tiny figure smiled shyly feeling a little silly. He bid her to sit with him and share a light meal of trail rations. They chatted for sometime. He felt strange with this young woman. Though no longer shy of the opposite sex, this woman’s eyes kept him drawn to them. She told him her name was Shalia Rhyvermist and that she was a child of the forest. She had been wandering up near his own homeland of Griffon’s Nest when an enormous ice bear had almost killed her. Devine intervention of some god had saved her life but she was still very scared and shaken from the ordeal. They talked well into the late afternoon but Jasix stomach told him if was time to continue on the short distance to Waterdeep to get a hot meal and a comfortable bed for the night. Shalia joined him for the meal and they parted company for the night promising to see each other another day. He slept late in the Inn of the dead orc finally coming down stairs at about midday. He wandered to the city fountain an unofficial meeting place of mercenaries and adventures, hopeful to catch up with old friends and hear of their journeys. Much had happened while he was in his homelands. Friends had died, some had married and settled down but the saddest news was that of the great female barbarian conjurer had angered the gods and had been banished from the realms.

Feeling low from the news he wandered the bizarre aimlessly until being greeted by those sparkling eyes that filled the dreams of his last nights sleep. Shalia smiled and stepped forward and gave him a hesitant hug. Her tiny arms barely reaching around his massive waste. They wandered about all day, finally coming to rest and watch the sun set on the docks. Jasix felt completely at ease with this little woman. They talked of their childhoods and of there longing for adventure. They eat the evening meal together and once again parted company for the night. In the morning Jasix came down the stairs of the inn only to find Shalia sitting quietly on the front steps. “Is something wrong little one?” he asked her. She smiled and her eyes sparkled. She looked up into his eyes and said, “No everything is just fine now.” Puzzled he smiled back at her and they left the inn in search of work. Jasix took easy work since Shalia insisted that she was going to go with him and earn her keep. He worried about this little creature, he couldn’t let anything happen her. After a few weeks the lines of pain and worry lifted from her face. She smiled and laughed more often. Jasix had found someone to tell all his fears and worries too but he was starting to miss his days of wild love making with who ever took his fancy. They worked together guarding merchants caravans, his elemental pets battling brigands and trolls as he called forth the powers of magic to drive them back, Shalia’s skills in healing grew as she please her gods. They worked we together and a bond was forged where Jasix didn’t even have to ask and she would do what was required.

Caravan work was fairly easy but his purse grew light. He started to travel further from Waterdeep without Shalia. She begged him to take her with him but the roads south to Boulder’s Gate were full of flesh eating trolls and even those foul undead creatures. Jasix regretted leaving his friend behind but he couldn’t watch over her all the time. He got to Boulder’s Gate with a full purse and a lust burning in his loins. Having subdued his urges for female company while Shalia was around he found himself in a city open to all pleasures. For a week he had women every night sometimes two. But his lovemaking didn’t fulfil him. No matter how hard he tried the image of the little half-elf was in his mind. His dreams at night were filled with thoughts of her and those sparkling eyes. After calling her name out in his sleep for the second night in a row he packed his bag and hit the road for Waterdeep.

He slept very little, telling himself it was because there was no one to keep watch for trolls while he slept but in his heart he knew it was the thoughts of the little druid that stopped his brain from shutting down and resting. He walked from dusk till dawn, often his heart would take control and he would break into a run. He had to get to Waterdeep and tell Shalia how he felt about her. Many days and nights he powered towards the city. Nearing exhaustion with his head low, Jasix stumbled north. Lifting his head he spotted the tall spier of the Tower of Sorcery in Waterdeep, his own place of learning. This sight filled him with energy, he was close to this beloved Shalia. No more did he feel the pain in his weary legs as he started off down the road at a frantic pace. A short distance from Waterdeep was a small bridge. A large troll had taken up residence here and refused to budge. Angered beyond control, Jasix charged the troll with a bodyslam and hacked it to death with his frost-covered axe. No stinky troll was going to keep him delayed a minute longer.

Exhausted, Jasix walked up to the Waterdeep gates, two guards stepped in front to block his path. One questioned him of his business in the city. Never before had he been asked his business and today he was far from been in a state of mind to give his reason for being here to these slack jawed humans. “My business is of the heart and if you do not move from my path I shale rip yours from you chest where you stand” Jasix eyes flared and his grip on his axe tightened. A rush of wind stirred up nearby leaves and rubbish, the guards quickly worked out that the young tired barbarian was in fact a conjurer and his trusted invisible air elemental was close by to protect it’s master. Drawing up as much composure as possible the guards stepped aside. “You are free to enter” grumbled the other guard, while peering around quickly, looking for signs of the invisible servant.

Jasix hastened to the fountain in the centre of the city. He found Shalia and some of their friends laughing & joking. Suddenly unsure of himself, he gave Shalia their customary friendly hug, not showing the love in his heart openly. He talked with his friends for a while, catching up on the gossip of Waterdeep and of their travels. Patiently Shalia watched him tell of stories of the lands to the south. After a while she drew him aside and asked that he accompany her to the fountain of holy water to the south of Waterdeep. Eager for any time alone with his little Elfie he agreed. Although weary from his long journey he walked with his head high and with a spring in his step. Just being near the little druid made his heart race. On reaching the fountain they filled their flagons with the cool sweet tasting holy water. Jasix smiled as he filled his flagon, his most prised possession, given to him by Shalia not long after they met. She had travelled to her homeland of Evermeet to get it for him. He smiled at her as he put it back into his pack.

They drank from the fountain, Jasix playfully splashed her and they giggled and laughed. They shared a friendly cuddle. With his arm around her tiny shoulders he told her of his long journeys, of vicious battles with trolls, ogres and the undead. Quietly she listened, never taking her eyes form his. He stood to stretch his legs, hearing her clear her throat he looked down to see her quickly wipe away a tear. Puzzled, he asked her what was wrong. She told him how much she had missed him. He replied “I missed you more my little sweet.” She busted into tears and said “Jasix my big shaggy wolfie I love you”. Before she could finish he scooped her up into his big strong arms and held her close. He smiled and said “Shalia my darling little Elfie I love you with all my heart, I have loved you since the day we met.” He cuddled her close; smiled and kissed away her tears then kissed her little nose. He smiled at her again and kissed her deep and long. He kissed her with more passion then he had ever felt before. They made love many times that night. A fire had been burning in their hearts for so long nothing could quench it. After many hours they lay exhausted in each other’s arms. Jasix slept deeper and more soundly then he had since he was a child. The warmth of his sweethearts little naked body against his was the best feeling he could imagine.

He woke at dawn with Shalia nibbling gently on his ear. Didn’t take long before they were making love again. They lay in each other’s arms for a while, smiling and staring deep into each other’s eyes and kissed & cuddled. “Many many nights I have dreamt of waking up like this with you” he said. Shalia giggled and replied “No more then I.” He chuckled and kissed her soundly on the lips. “Shale we head home and tell our friends of our union?” She giggled and said “They probably heard us all the way to Griffon’s nest anyway.” He blushed and chuckled. Jasix grinned and watched his sweetheart dress. He eyed her lovely curves and ample bosom. Shalia gathered his scattered clothes and dressed her man.

Cheerfully they walked back to Waterdeep hand in hand. Jasix grinned a silly wide smile as he lead his sweetheart through the streets. Their friends cheered and congratulated the couple, offering well wishes and pearls of wisdom. Many of their woman friends sternly told Jasix to be good to the sweet druid or there will be trouble.

[part2 may be finished off some day….]

[This was written before the '98 pwipe, before we were married, the happiest day of my Sojourning life.]

Spelling might suck but well I am a barbarian.. [moved from logs]

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and a bump for this one too.
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I met Jasix at a really bad time in my personal life .. he helped me through it, and showed me what a true friend is ... to this day we remain good friends, able to yell and scream at eachother, also to confide in eachother ..

Jas .. you will always hold a special place in my heart .. always ..


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