The Trial, Betrayal, & Rings of Power

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The Trial, Betrayal, & Rings of Power

Postby Nilan » Tue Dec 10, 2002 11:34 am

Nilan watched the trial of his druid friend from amidst the crowd. His elven disguise temporarily hiding his true heritage. A spider crawled toward his boot and ran up his leg. Nilan flinched suddenly. Surrounded by elves, the assassin hoped none would notice. Thus far he had watched in silence, not daring to speak, for to do so would surely reveal his underdark accent. Ashemiem and the ranger Belleshel had spoken against the druid. The Queen seemed amused. Nilan fidgeted restlessly as he listened to the testimony of Elisten, Gantoris, Nitania, Lazus, Ashod and even the elf Erinal. In his heart Nilan knew that the Elves would not listen. All the while, a voice assaulted his mind…..

Kill her, kill her now, assassinate her…my pupil…

Nilan shut his eyes tightly, willing the voice to free his mind….his soul. The drow shuffled nervously and felt his fingers close around a poisoned blade at his waist….

That’s it assassin…slay her…do it….

Sweat beaded on the drow’s forehead as the voice bore into his mind. With great will, Nilan removed his hand from the blade. Glancing around the clearing, the drow saw that his companions were oblivious to what he was going through. The inter struggle was slowly tearing him apart inside. Nilan fought to maintain control. The spider worked its way out of his cloak and perched itself on the drow’s shoulder. Nilan shivered visibly but looked away. He focused his gaze upon his lovely wife. Gods how he adored her. He had sworn to her that he would make no move against the Queen this night, and so he meant to keep his promise. The drow stifled a cry of pain as the spider bit his right ear.

Kill her, Slay her, do it now!!!!!!

Shaking his head and closing his eyes tightly, the assassin willed the voices to stop, but they assailed his spirit once again, bending his will. Nilan looked up as he heard the Elven Queen begin to pass sentence upon the accused druid. “Deshana, once Druid of Evermeet, this Elven Court find you Guilty….”

“Stop, please….let me speak…”, the drow slowly shuffled to the center of the room. All eyes were upon him now. He saw Elisten walk toward him, and he held up his hand and smiled. His wife looked at him, sorrow in her eyes, almost as if she knew what he was about to do. Deshana too glanced in his direction, but the assassin only nodded. Nilan stopped in the center of the floor, and bowed low. “I must speak,” was all he uttered. The Queen looked at him in exasperation.

Nilan looked up into the eyes of those present and began. “The druid Deshana has committed no act of treason by which the court can condemn her. Deshana serves balance, a much needed balance, in the growing dark times that are upon us. She knows that evil has entered these realms and all must unite to stop it.”

They care nothing for our people…kill her now, assassin…my pupil….

Nilan shook the voice in his head free. Wincing slightly he continued. “If there is any justice in this court this day, stay your blades and your sentence. Or do you condemn her merely for befriending a drow. You know she has committed no treason, but has only sought to aid all elven people.”

The Queen’s eyes bore deep within him, as she approached. Nilan stood unflinching and unmoving. “You speak horrible common,” she glared. “I know that accent.”

Nilan took a step back but made no move for the blades that hung at his waist. Elisten tensed suddenly.

“Guards seize him!!!”

Nilan stood unmoving as the elven guard approached. The guard shoved him to the ground and bound his hands tightly. Nilan made no move of resistance, only glanced at his wife, and then to Deshana. His weapons were forcibly removed from his belt.

“How interesting,” the Queen hissed coming within a few feet of the assassin. “Armed and coated with poison too?”

Nilan said nothing.

“Guards take him into custody.” She shouted and then turned her glare upon Deshana and continued her sentence. “Deshana, you are forever exiled from Evermeet, and also as Ashemiem has proclaimed through Correlon, you are hereby forever banned from Arvandor.”

Nilan attempted to stand, “Please…she is no traitor.”

Kill her now, Slay her….

Visions assaulted him in waves. Nilan felt his resistance breaking, hatred consumed his soul. His eyes blazed with fury as he focused them upon the Elven Queen. He heard his wife’s voice---“Noooo!!!”. But as quickly as he heard it , its faded to nothing but a whisper. Only one voice pounded in the drow’s addled mind.

Freedom, Elisten….death, you must kill her now, if you desire freedom!!!!

The spider descended upon a web of spider silk until it sat atop the ropes that bound his wrists. Poison oozed from its fangs as it bit into the ropes. Nilan felt the ropes loosen, but before the assassin could realize what was happening the voice assaulted him again.

Slay her now my pupil…..Do it Do it!!!!!

Daggers found their way into the drow’s hands and with lightening speed he struck, plunging both blades into the back of the Queen as she finished her sentence upon the druid. Poison stilled the Queen’s movements, and the drow stabbed her over and over again. A flash of red flame engulfed the Queen as the grey elf Erinal let loose his spell of fire. Nilan drew the dagger back for the final thrust, when he gasped suddenly. The taste of blood filled his mouth as the Royal Guard’s blade tore through his chest. Nilan felt himself falling, cold darkness washed over him.

The assassin awoke dazed, pain wracked his body. The elf too lay beside him muttering about flames as he sat in a trance like state. Nilan slowly staggered to his feet. The spider appeared at the top of the tent and lowered itself down to his shoulder. Nilan gazed in confusion, no longer on Evermeet, he recognized the tent as the one east of Waterdeep. The spider bit deeply into his ear drawing blood and a groan of pain the assassin could not suppress. And then the voices came back in waves, tearing at the drow’s spirit, daring to tear it apart.

You failed me, Velg’larn!!!! You are not worthy to possess it…..The ring…bring it forth.

Nilan struggled to free himself from the confusion assaulting him. “Who are you!!!” he groaned through clenched teeth. “The ring is not yours, show yourself…whatever you are!!!” Nilan clumsily drew a blade from his belt. “Gods, what have I done…”

The voice snickered eerily. Bring forth the ring, assassin.

Shadows darkened the room and Nilan slashed at the surrounding air as it closed in around him. Voices tore at his mind, his soul, demanding the ring but the drow resisted. “Show yourself, demon,” Nilan gasped. “You tricked me….betrayal…gods what have I done!”

Give it to me!

Nilan whirled suddenly, a shadowed form coalesced in the room. Nilan lunged at the figure. A force of air erupted from the shadow, knocking the drow off his feet and hurtling him solidly into the far wall. Nilan gasped on impact failing to suppress a cry of pain as he felt his ribs snap. The shadows swirled around him but held him firm. Voices tore into his mind, tearing what was left of his resistance from him. Nilan groaned as the shadowed force withdrew the ring from his possessions. The spider scurried out of the room. “Gods, what have I done,” the assassin muttered wincing as pain pierced through his chest. His body shaking uncontrollably, Nilan clutched his broken ribs and watched helplessly as the shadows filtered out of the tent.

Do not fail me again, Velg’larn…..

Hats off to Malar and those that helped for a wonderful rplay session. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even if i was "broken" by the power of these rings.

Had a blast all that participated. Enjoy the story. It is what Nilan saw heard and felt throughout the session.

Thanks guys

More fun awaits


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Postby Ashiwi » Tue Dec 10, 2002 9:47 pm

Wow Nilan, that was really well written.

Does anybody have a log of the event that took place last night? I wasn't able to make it.

::Ashiwi is so confused.::
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Postby Nilan » Tue Dec 10, 2002 11:14 pm

Thank you Ashiwi, i appreciate that. It was hard to write but i had fun doing it. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Postby Braggo Boulderbasher » Wed Dec 11, 2002 12:46 am

woot Stabby pwns Image good job bud Image

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Braggo Boulderbasher
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Postby Braggo Boulderbasher » Wed Dec 11, 2002 2:24 am

hahaha! I pwn I know Image looove hitting the wrong button when your tired at night Image

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Postby Yayaril » Mon Dec 16, 2002 5:37 pm

You forgot the part where the queen slapped you senseless =9

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Postby Urgus » Thu Mar 27, 2003 3:13 am

Well writen elf boy (liked that dagger in elf action :twisted: ).

Wish i could have been there, but you cant hide a troll in cloak...hehe

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