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Object Move Update:

Postby Cyric » Thu Oct 30, 2003 5:43 pm

OK, here's the current poop:

1. We were going to do this on Halloween, but I have to go out of town on a family emergency tonite, and won't be back until early next week.
2. Target date for move now is sometime on the evening of Wednesday the 5th.
3. All changes will be going in on a 1 month TRIAL BASIS.
4. We will open a new forum specifically to deal with object-change related issues.
5. Within that forum, we will open a thread per item-in-dispute...I suspect there will be somewhere between 20 and 30 items that people flip out about.
6. For a month we'll debate each of those items, come up with a fair resolution, and make whatever changes everyone (or most people, who am I kidding) agrees to.
7. This is the most fair system I can come up with. The item changes are necessary, will be significant, and will cause grumbling. We are MORE than willing to listen to your input on these items once they come in, and are MORE than willing to make changes after discussion.

Sound good? If you agree, go vote for us at

http://www.topmudsites.com/cgi-bin/topm ... gi?id=shev


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