MUD News 10/28/04

Updates and notes from the development staff.
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MUD News 10/28/04

Postby Shevarash » Thu Oct 28, 2004 10:06 pm

Gonna try and keep this stuff posted here for those that can't or don't log on.

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10/28/04               [Shevarash] Stupid Coder Trick, v.2.07b
  - New Spell: Chromatic Orb - Enchanter 3rd.  See helpfile.
  - Fixed some random bugs.
10/28/04               [Eilistraee] Gcmd et al
  - Added new command "gcmd" - works like gsay but is colored for leaders.
    Removed the leader-color on gsay.  This allows you to selectively use
    special color as the leader of a group.
  - Fixes to recurve bow.
  - New missile spells integrated into condensed mode.
  - Fixed several crashbugs.
10/22/04               [Shevarash] Haste Sleeves Disabled
  - Temporarily disabled while we track a major bug with them.  Apologies, and
    they'll be back shortly.
10/22/04               [Mielikki] Spells Galore!
  - New Spell: Group vigorize - Cleric/Druid/Shaman 7th, requires component.
  - New Spell: Melf's Acid Arrow - Invoker 6th, damage with acidburn effect.
  - New Spell: Earth Stones - Elementalist 6th, missile damage.
  - New Spell: Spiked Stones - Druid 8th, missile damage.
  - New Spell: Needle Swarm - Enchanter 6th, missile damage.
  - New Spell: Snapping Teeth - Necro/Lich 5th, damage.
  - A few more new spells added but awaiting their quests...details later.
  - Holding Cell for illegal camping sites now deposits you back in your guild
    after 10 minutes of waiting.
  - Rogue experience gain slowed down a *tad*.
  - You are now automatically teleported out of Scardale when you reach level 20.
  - A ton of bugfixes and small changes you may or may not notice.
10/22/04               [Eilistraee] Buckets of Stuff
  - You can now "mmail areas" to send a msg to the Areas Sphere as a whole.
  - You can now attempt to bandage yourself while bleeding (but not mortally wounded).
  - You can now 'look' while paralyzed.
  - Group leaders groupsay in bold cyan.
  - You will no longer auto-engage mobs in some situations if your VICIOUS is togged off.a
  - Some teleport items no longer work for planar travel.
  - A huge amount of bugfixes to procs and other stuff that you may or may not notice. 
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