10/15/2007 - Project Bandaid: Phase 1

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10/15/2007 - Project Bandaid: Phase 1

Postby Shevarash » Tue Oct 16, 2007 5:10 am

Project Bandaid is the affectionate name we've given to interim changes made to Toril 1.0 while Toril 2.0 is still in development. In many cases these changes simulate some aspects of 2.0, or just make the game more playable while we wait for 2.0's introduction. We're basing these changes off of your feedback, so please keep the ideas coming.

The first pass of changes - Phase 1 - targeted some common and much maligned time sinks, as well as making life easier for low level players. The contents of Phase 1, which was deployed to the MUD on Oct. 15th follow:

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10/15/07               [Shar] Project Bandaid: Phase 1
  - The GCC channel is now open for business for general Gameplay related discussion!
  - Please do not discuss quests or post equipment stats to the GCC channel, all other topics are
10/15/07               [Shevarash] Project Bandaid: Phase 1
  - Increased experience gain across the board.  This change starts off as a 30% boost to experience
    at level 1, and scales down slowly to a 10% boost at the higher levels. 
  - Added an extra 5% experience gain for all pure caster classes (Invo/Ench/Ill/Nec/Ele/Cle/Dru/Sha).
  - Removed spell stuttering: you will no longer randomly abort spells at any level.
  - Decreased low/mid level memtimes significantly.  This also works on a diminishing gains principle,
    so the effect is most noticable at lower levels and gradually scales back.
  - Upgraded low level (1 - 5) spell damage.
  - Rejuvenate Major is much more effective.
  - Rejuvenate Minor now functions exactly like the old Rejuv Major. (Yes, it's a permenant effect.)
  - Rejuvenate Minor/Major cast times dropped.
  - Preserve now preserves PC corpses for 5x the level of the caster, up from 3x.
  - Preserve cast time lowered.
  - Cure serious cast time dropped.
  - Dropped cast time on all Vigorize spells.
  - The who command now shows the total number of players online, including Anon players.  Anon players
    do not show up in the list, they are just included in the count at the bottom.  This gives a more
    accurate representation of how many players are on.
  - Implemented new 'silence' staff command.  This command can now restrict individual channel usage,
    rather than the blanket effect of old.
10/15/07               [Eilistraee] Project Bandaid: Phase 1
  - Cut resurrection fatigue time in half.
  - Justice has been turned off.  Town guards will still repel invaders, but the rest is disabled.
  - PC hitpoint regeneration boosted, with an emphasis on the lower levels.
  - PC movement point regeneration boosted, with an emphasis on the lower levels.
  - Low level mobs (level 20 or lower) no longer regnerate hit points.
  - Regeneration rate while sleeping boosted by an extra 33%.
  - Removed NHC level limit.

I hope you all enjoy the changes, and please keep the ideas coming.

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