Melee Imbalances & Elementalists

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Melee Imbalances & Elementalists

Postby Shevarash » Wed Aug 22, 2001 8:00 pm

Ok, folks, here's the deal:

In February of this year, I spent alot of time rewriting the MUD's combat engine. The reson for this was primarily one of efficiency - the old combat engine was so ancient and cluttered up that it was difficult for coders to discern why and how it did the things it did - thus preventing us from updating and tweaking it. In the process of rewriting though, I also discovered a ton of imbalances and just downright silly things in the old code, and so the new combat engine ended up not only aestheically pleasing, but also much more efficient and balanced than the previous incarnation.

OF course, nothing is ever perfect, and by now I have detected several small imbalances and flaws within the combat engine which have all added up to give Players' a little too much of an edge.

Enough of an edge, in fact, that I have suspended Elementalists until these problems can be corrected. You see, Elementalists (like Conjurers) primary purpose is to aid/assist in melee combat and tanking via their spells. However, in this current state their spells would give way too much of an edge to the Players. Thus, these problems must be fixed, and some minor downgrades must take place before the Elementalists can enter the realms to fill the gap said downgrades have created.

Over the next week, I will be correcting and tweaking miscellaneous facets of the combat/melee system, and many of them will not be beneficial to you. However, before you get angry, consider these points:

1) All of these downgrades will be very minor, so no class will get singled out. Collectively, the changes will result in more balanced and fair combat, but individually you might not notice much at all!

2) I make these changes only because I believe they are neccessary for the MUD's balance. They will make things a *little* more challenging, and also provide more of an incentive to bring a varied group of Fighters, Mages, Priests, and Rogues along.

3) Wait until you see the effect of the changes to flame me! Image

4) All Tweaks and changes to the melee engine are 'provisional', and will be remove3d if determined to be inappropriate.

That is all. All changes wil be posted in the news, and I look forward to your feedback.

<B>Shevarash -- Code Forger of Sojourn3

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