Trade skills and item restoration

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Trade skills and item restoration

Postby Ashod » Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:39 am

i don't know if it was ever put in.. but it would be cool to put
in wear and tear on eq. and the put trade skills in.. tailoring,blacksmithing,
weaponsmithing,ect. also have money requirements to repair.

this would make eq worth more because people would now have to repair
items. of course some items could be really resistant and durable
and others just not effected... maybe really hard to put something like
this in the game..but it would be intresting.. and might cause people to
go back to those zones that they don't do anymore if they lose eq
from not maintaining it..

this also might help deal with the inflation of item value.

after people repair items the durablity loses a notch..
after a while the item will be way to old and rusty and beyond repair and the person will have to get another.

some items would need to be repairable but not loose durablity notchs
rares,extreme quests,god gifts,and such.. but make the owned still have
to repair them.

i mean there are just too many items in the game that are in everyones

this may be way over the coding ablity though and just make the mud a pain.. but it was just an idea
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Postby Ashod » Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:46 am

I know i am gonna get yelled at for this post but ideas are ideas
and if we don't post them then mud growth stays slow.

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Postby rylan » Fri Sep 19, 2003 12:57 pm

I'd like to see ability to recharge certain magical wands and staffs first. I think for some things like arrows repair would make sense (so you can fix those expensive or hard to get arrows at 1/2 the cost of buying new or something), but I think it might just become a big time sink as people sit arround trying to fix their eq. How much would it suck that your uber-spanky-rare item got trashed from a long zone against a pile of dragons because you forgot or weren't able to fix it :P
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Postby Dlur » Fri Sep 19, 2003 1:44 pm

Because most uber-spanky EQ probably would be all but immune to damage being that it's made of mithril or adamantite or dragon's scales this idea only ends up hurting low-mid level players because they are using items made of leather or stone or bone or iron or steel without much in the way of magical enhancements. Imagine if that spiffy new tiny silver ring that a level 2 n00b gets as a handout from some dwarven goatroper falls apart after fighting 10 squirrels. Not cool.

This idea is great in concept, but in reality it just hurts the little man.

Fixing arrows is cool though, as is recharging magical items.
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Postby Thilindel » Fri Sep 19, 2003 2:24 pm

Although the idea is realistic, with all the compression and so forth they have us do, I imagine the extra memory it'd use to keep track of eq condition may be out of question? I don't know but assume it'd just tax the system. I really like the staves idea...have it cost 1/2 the value to recharge or whatnot.
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Postby Stamm » Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:46 pm

There's a fair few ideas that could be put in to drain money from people.

Equipment damage could be worked.

Clerics have armour damage, and pay a tithe to the church.

Warriors have armour and weapon damage. (Paladins get screwed with tithe to church, nice!)

Mages have reagents and components for staves and wands.

Thieves have poisons, and weapon damage.

As for top level people needing to spend less money... well, sure mithril leggings might take less repairing than iron, but it'd cost a lot more, and high level characters equipment would take more of a pounding.

With reference to Azerost's inflation comments in another thread, I agree, right now items and cash are entering the game but not leaving, so item values are bound to be ever decreasing. For an economy to work there needs to be routes for the money to leave the mud. Be it extremely expensive minor upgrades to equipment, or 'lottery' like buying of equipment, or equipment damage etc, or a combination, it'd all lead to a better system. Big job though, and it has to be balanced. Otherwise it'd just be warriors going to any blacksmiths and hitting an alias and forgetting about it. Or coversely, warriors wearing disposable armours and so on that they get from zones they do.

It'd be kind of more realistic to be hauling a huge amount of armour and weapons out of a zone as well to repair and sell at Waterdeep, just to keep the wheels turning so you can afford to zone again.

The idea wouldn't, I think, be to skin players, but enough so that they would feel the impact, and then provide other routes for surplus cash. Longterm aims, such as saving up to go to a really talented dwarven smith to get your armour adjusted to fit you a little better, and to cover that spot that it doesn't cover too well, and improve it. Or for mages to go to an artificer and get the enchantment cleansed on an item and purified and strengthened. I'm sure you get the idea. This would have almost no impact on the power of a group, but should give players the ability to further enhance their equipment by small but noticable amounts.
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Postby Ragorn » Fri Sep 19, 2003 8:51 pm

Duris uses this system, and it amounts to a bunch of tedium when you suck down a bunch of area spells and now suddenly all of your equipment shows [slightly used] messages.
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Postby Treladian » Fri Sep 19, 2003 9:49 pm

This would mean that many high level players would start hording extra copies of their items. I already keep a bunch of spare arrow quest components on storage just in case I break or lose too many, I wouldn't want other players to even have to think about this kind of annoyance.

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