Young Uggrax Goes Forth

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Young Uggrax Goes Forth

Postby Wulv » Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:04 am

The sun rose over the horizon and dimly penetrated the haze that hung over Ghore.

A young troll exited from a rundown, lopsided mud hut. He stretched his long, scaly limbs and cracked his neck a couple time. "Today is the day," thought Uggrax. He started to walk towards the path that lead out of Ghore and picked at his teeth and dislodged a bone of some creature that was stuck behind is front teeth. He stomped over to a mud hole and looked at his reflection. Uggrax grinned as he poked at the warts on his nose. "Yu one uggy trool," he said to his reflection happily.

Uggrax looked around, not too many trolls his age were around much anymore, just a few. Uggrax reached down to his hip and gripped the large bone mace he had used for training these last couple years and swung the mace around happily. Today he would leave Ghore behind, both his parents were dead and had been for a number of seasons when he was still a young trolling. Uggrax barely remembered his mother but he had no fond memories of his father. He spit on the ground in remembrance of his father and clutched at the bone mace more tightly. His mind wandered back to the day that he got this mace.

Uggrax father had beat him again for not picking enough swamp fungus and not catching enough rats for the skewers to satisfy his father's appetite for dinner that night. In a fit of rage, Uggrax drop two skewers into his father's eyes, for he was finally sick of the way his father treated him. He also grabbed the stew crock and smashed it over his father's head. Howling with rage, Uggrax's father threw him through the entrance to their hut and followed him outside ripping the last skewer from his eye with such ferocity that he actually ripped out his own eye in the process. With his father semi-blinded, Uggrax saw an opportunity and slammed into his father knocking him into the murky swamp.

Uggrax swung with all his might at his father, but his father was much bigger and more seasoned of a fighter than him and easily caught the blow. His father caught the attack and threw him hard into the side of walkway. Several trolls started to gather to see what was going on and to watch the fight. Uggrax's father picked up a floating log and proceeded to beat Uggrax with it. He paused briefy to smile evilly when he heard the cracking of several of Uggrax's ribs before he continued to beat his son with the waterlogged chunk of tree until it broke. He then picked up Uggrax by the throat and threw him against a nearby tree with a large thump. Uggrax was about to pass out when he remembered how his mother had died, beaten to death by Uggrax's father.

A cold, searing rage sprang up in Uggrax and he pulled himself up to his feet. "Me member what U did to me mum!!!" he roared. And with that he launched his bloody and bruised body at his father. He caught his father off-guard for just a moment, and that was all Uggrax needed.

Uggrax opened his mouth as wide as he could and bit as deeply as possible into his father's neck. He ripped his bite free with all his might and tore off a large chunk of flesh from his father's neck. He gulped the chunk of flesh down and bit again, this time the bite severed the spine of his father. The gathered trolls grunted in appreciation for a good and bloody fight to the death and to the determination of young Uggrax.

Uggrax stood over the corpse of his father and felt an odd sense of satisfaction. A large, bull alligator drawn by the fight, tried to make off with the body of Uggrax's father. Uggrax grabbed the right leg of his father's corpse and began a tug-of-war with the bull gator. As the gator did a barrel roll, the leg Uggrax was holding onto snapped at the hip and ripped loose from the rest of the body. The bull alligator quickly disappeared with the rest of Uggrax's fathers body.

Back to the present, Uggrax gripped the bone mace, a remnant of his father. "You been useful father, many heads we smashed together." Uggrax said to his bone mace. "Many more we will smash," he said as he started to stroll out of Ghore, hopefully for the last time.
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